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How did it all start? Here is a bit of history :)

Let's start with the story

Mystery Play created a unique form of entertainment for Ukraine. We called it an immersive game. This is a symbiosis of immersive staging, quest and show.

Uniqueness and originality

Our friendly team of Mystery Play has been successfully organizing various event formats for many years - corporate events, team buildings, birthdays, parties, etc. We do it in our own special and unique way for Ukraine - with a complete immersion in the plot of movie, story or even era! There are scripts of legendary films and stories in our arsenal. Such as "Futurism", "X-Files", "Sherlock Holmes", "Moulin Rouge" and lots of others.

Everything is real

So what is so unique and immersive here? We have made a perfect match for each story and the location to stage it. Moreover, we have built our own locations using tons of scenery, equipment and special effects for the scripts, which did not fit any of the existing places. There are dozens of actors involved during our game shows. Actors, which are difficult to distinguish from the true story characters. Theatrical performance, atmosphere, quest and show elements completely erase the line between the game and reality. As a result, the plot is unfolding around you and makes you the main part of it!

"Do you want to know the truth about your product? Just give it to the kids…"

We focused most of our work on an adult audience and perfected the smallest nuances of it. Now we have decided to move on and conquer the most demanding audience - children! Our creative team has developed new scenarios for children and teens of different ages. "Wow, cool!" – It was the first thing that we have heard right after the start of the game. It is worth adding that this "Wow, cool!" sweet sound followed us at every event we arranged for children. Well, this is what led us to establish our new direction - Mystery Play KIDS – the coolest events for children.

Mystery Play KIDS this fusion of several genres collected for children forces them to replace a passive viewing with active interaction with the plot, actors and other participants.

Young players will fall into that era or the plot of the movie/fairy tale where they will experience completely new exciting emotions. Theatrical performances, shows, quests and fascinating stories are merging tightly in our scripts.

In order to follow the given scenario, you have to solve a number of puzzles and reach the finals.

Why Mystery Play Kids scripts:

  • 01This is not just a quest game. This is a brand new plot, which involves kids as the main characters of it;
  • 02We have an approach to the most selective and demanding children;
  • 03The educational part and morality. Our stories are primarily intended to teach children something good and new. Playfully, of course;
  • 04Real actors (we do not use animators and standard games);
  • 05The unique and exclusive format in Ukraine;
  • 06It's really, really fun after all;
  • 07And yes, we can implement literally everything!

What do we love the most?

Cartoons (only cool)

Warm lemonade

Organize cool events


Our cool friends

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