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Children’s Birthday Party


Children’s Birthday Organization

Children’s birthday is a very special period in everyone’s life because the whole world is spinning around a birthday person. Everyone wants these emotions and atmosphere to be joyful and delightful, to make it a vivid memory for a long time for both the child and for everyone who is close to him or her. Well, we are the team whose main specialization is turning the main children’s holiday into an unforgettable and unique event! It is not an easy task to organize a children’s birthday in Kyiv but Mystery Play KIDS team always copes with this perfectly well!

The cost of organizing a children’s birthday is a very individual matter to discuss. Our specialist will help you to get the preliminary price. It is easy to get in touch with us. Just fill out an application or drop your contacts for us to call you back.

Where to Celebrate the Child’s Birthday?

One of the main tasks for organizing a party of a top-quality is to make a decision about where to celebrate a child’s birthday. We will be happy to close this question for you. Each script has its own perfect location for the arrangement, which we will carefully choose by taking into account all of your wishes and preferences. It is worth to add that almost every script of ours is maximally adaptable for different locations. It makes it possible to arrange the birthday party at any place. Such as restaurants, outdoors and even at home.

How to Celebrate a Child’s Birthday?

Now, when we have decided on the venue, it is time to decide how to celebrate the child’s birthday in a way that will make the birthday person happy and to keep every guest satisfied. Now you are to choose the format and script for the party. That may be the hardest part of it. However, there is no need to worry, as our experts will be glad to help you with choosing the best and the most suitable concept for your wishes. We can also take care of all the inherent attributes of the best children's birthday. Such as the most delicious cake, themed treats, a candy bar, costumes and accessories for everyone, a bright photo zone and, of course, gifts for guests.

Quest Game for a Child’s Birthday

What could possibly be better than an event that is not only full of fun and entertainment but also brings benefits for children? The best of all possible formats is a quest game on a child's birthday. The uniqueness of this format is the replacement of the usual passive viewing with active interaction with the plot, actors and other players.

Young players will fall into the era or the plot of the movie/fairy tale where they will experience completely new exciting emotions. Theatrical performances, shows, quests and fascinating stories are merging tightly in our scripts.

Animators for a Birthday

We have the best animators for a child’s birthday in Kyiv. Mystery Play KIDS’ animators are the real actors. This is why our animator can easily delight, interest and find an approach to each young player.

To entrust Mystery Play KIDS with a children's birthday organization is to present the gift of experience an unforgettable adventure to your child. A birthday person and everyone involved in the party is guaranteed to receive a lot of fun, fresh emotions and the greatest impressions ever!

Five Important Things You Need to Know to Organize Your Child’s Cool Birthday:

  • Preferences at the venue of the event
  • What does your child like?
  • Strawberry or chocolate cake? ☺
  • Mystery Play
  • Guests

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