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September 1st Celebration/Knowledge Day Celebration


Knowledge Day

Knowledge Day is the much-anticipated holiday of the first day of autumn. The day when you meet your classmates to break into the new school year after long summer holidays! Into the year, which will fill you with new knowledge, activities, experience, and discoveries.

On the first day of September, we suggest not to remind yourself of carefree summer days, but to extend the summer for another fabulous day. “You will spend the new school year in the way you started it” – some say.  Therefore, we propose you to postpone your new books and pencils for some time and to let the team of Mystery Play KIDS prove that September 1 can be fun and driving!

To the First Class for the First Time

The Day of Knowledge is the long-awaited day for those who will come through the school doors for the very first time. It is important not just for the first-graders, but also for their parents because all the moms and dads want their child to feel comfortable surrounded by new people. We are facing a difficult task to instill a desire in your child to go to school with a smile on a face. Therefore, the original celebration of September 1 will be an excellent foundation for this. We want to offer you some really extraordinary and fun scripts for the Knowledge Day celebration. Trust us, your first grader(s) will be delighted! Present the unforgettable first Knowledge day celebration to your child by laying all the concerns on Mystery Play KIDS!

Knowledge Day Celebration for High School Students

The first of September is an important day for every student and especially for a high school student. While the rest of the pupils gathering for the next school year after the summer holidays, the graduates finding themselves at their last first class in the walls of their beloved school. They are in the most need for making this day an unforgettable one. Yes, the days of study, Prom preparation and college entry exams are ahead. There is not much time left for fun and entertainment, isn’t it? That is why we set ourselves the new goal. We want to do everything possible to let the graduates remember this Knowledge Day as something unusual, joyful and fascinating.


  • The celebration of September 1 holiday is an exciting, solemn and joyful event for everyone and Mystery Play KIDS knows how to make it bright and unforgettable!
  • Regardless of age, school time remains a wonderful and very valuable period for everyone’s life. That is why it is especially important to capture the student’s main holiday of knowledge with the most tender, exciting and heartwarming emotions.

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