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How to Keep a Child Busy While Parents Visiting an Event

We have 1,000,000 different ideas on how to entertain your children at any event because our stories and scenarios are adaptable to any type occasion.

There is fun for all ages in our arsenal, ranging from themed quests and with fun contests to useful masterclasses. An experienced team of professional animator actors will guarantee an exciting adventure for your kids.

The organization of space in children’s entertainment zones is always very important, because, mostly, our guests are kids of different ages. Therefore, we always plan a lot of entertainment to provide the ability to each child to get the dose of fun, impressions and useful skills. There may also be a bright photo zone, a candy bar, face painting and a lot of fun activities to complete the general concept perfectly.

Child-Friendly Zones at Conferences and Festivals

The format of conferences and festivals usually involves a whole day activity. Therefore, one of the key points that the event organizer should pay attention to is the play area for children. That kind of child-friendly zones allows you to attract more audiences to your event.

A children’s entertainment zone at a conference or festival is an excellent occasion to teach children something interesting, new and useful. Therefore, our team has developed the most interesting master classes, developing games and exciting quests for kids. Children will be able to get a lot of vivid impressions and also develop many new skills in addition. Such as critical and logical thinking, perception skills, understanding of emotions, teamwork and support abilities. In addition, it provides an opportunity to show the best and perhaps yet hidden kid’s character traits.

Children’s entertainment zones at events by Mystery Play KIDS is a great opportunity to have fun and relax for the whole family.

Children Entertainment Zones Organization

We all love our children so much that we are not ready to part with them even for a few hours! Meanwhile, there are so many different things around. Such as interesting events, urgent meetings, educational courses and lots of events that simply cannot be missed. That is why we have created a unique format of entertainment for children while parents are busy - themed children zones at events of any format.

We can organize diverting leisure and entertainment for your children at conferences, forums, festivals, exhibitions and, of course, on family holidays. Such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and all the events that are important to you.

Mystery Play KIDS is on guard of maintaining the balance between happy children and happy parents. Everyone is about one’s own business but still stays close to each other ☺

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