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New Year for Kids


This is the most anticipated, mysterious and magical period for every kid! After all, this is the time of miracles and for all the wishes to come true. The organization of the New Year parties for children is also a special event for our team because during this period we feel like real wizards. This is a time when we are ready to turn a fairy tale into reality for every child on the planet.

New Year's Party Script for Children

The script for the New Year’s party for children must be a truly magical story and here in Mystery Play KIDS we got a lot of different stories based on the most popular and beloved fairy tales, cartoons and movies. The team of Mystery Play KIDS is ready to prove to you that the main guests of the holiday are not only Santa Claus, but also the children’s favorite characters of fairy tales and cartoons. Kids always meet the characters of their favorite stories with special enthusiasm. They feel more open and gladly interact with them. It is much easier to take part in all activities along with your beloved characters.

Children Contests for New Year’s Party

Children contests for New Year’s party is a great opportunity to show the talents of children and reward them with prizes and gifts. Active contests will be a great addition to the overall program of the event. We have developed a lot of concepts for New Year's activities and we know for sure how to surprise and please everyone without exception.

New Year's Holidays Organization

New Year’s entertainment program for children by our team will certainly become an unforgettable adventure story that fulfilled with vivid emotions and bright impressions. It can be a New Year's theatrical performance for children or it may be an exciting immersive game with parents and our actors. A quest game for children at the New Year's party is a special type of entertainment. Theatrical performances, shows, quests and fascinating stories are merging tightly in our scripts. A huge variety of stories will definitely please you. There is no sense to hide that we love New Year's holidays and event organization at this time of the year. The team of Mystery Play KIDS is aware of all the new products and trends. We also have classic scripts in our catalog. There is no need to waste your time on googling trivial scripts. Have you heard what they say? Better call the professionals!

Child Games for New Year’s Party

What could possibly be better than games for children at the New Year’s party? The answer is the immersive games by Mystery Play KIDS! This is a unique format of activities for kids and teens with the main purpose of opening an alternative direction of entertainment. Therefore, we replaced passive viewing with active interaction with the story, actors and other players.

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