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Around the World in 90 Minutes

Around the World in 90 Minutes

  • Young explorers will be divided into teams that will be sent to different countries, where they will meet heroes, get acquainted with local traditions, learn legends and perform the various tasks;
  • Total duration – 60-90 minutes;
  • The number of participants may range from 6 to 60;
  • The game is designed for children between 6 and 12 years. It is possible to play with parents;
  • Tasks are aimed at developing new skills and knowledge about different countries of the world.


Mycraft Smyth the greatest explorer and traveler is a few steps from the greatest discovery! He traveled all over the globe. He studied the culture, customs, and life of different folks on the planet. He saw and fought incredible monsters. Bandits chased him. The danger was waiting for him at almost every step. And now, with one foot on the ladder of the greatest discovery, he discovered the disappearance of the main element of his puzzle.

Our young travelers will be able to help him find out what is the fastest transport you can use to go around the world. Travelers will get acquainted with the customs and traditions of Mexico, England, China, India, France and South America. Furthermore, they will help Mycraft to solve the main problem. They will find the lost element and achieve a scientific breakthrough.

Game Chips:

  • 1There are six main characters involved in the game: Bavarian, mime from France, Native American / Cowboy from the USA, Indian girl, Mexican, Samurai from Japan;
  • 2Each traveler will receive an individual travel passport with the photo in it;
  • 3The scientist will present a traveler’s badge of honor to each assistant as a sign of gratitude for the help.

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