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Bear Grylls Survival School

Bear Grylls Survival School

  • Total duration – 90-120 minutes;
  • The game is perfect for outdoor locations. Such as country complexes, a restaurant in the woods or park, etc.
  • The game is designed for children between 12 and 16 years;
  • Children will learn survival skills. They will also try to apply these skills under the supervision of experienced animators;
  • Players will be divided into squads with bracelets of different colors. Each squad will get useful props and a route map.


Bear Grylls is a former SAS Special Forces soldier and currently the best survival specialist. He knows how to behave in extreme situations. He says that it is more than enough to have a knife, a flint and a flask of water in your pocket to survive anywhere. Recently, he decided to open the Survival School and to share his skills and knowledge.

He fought storms, hurricanes and even volcanos with his bare hands. His mission is to teach you how to deal with difficult situations when your enemy is nature itself. The best instructors he gathered from all over the world will help him in order to arrange the most difficult trials and tests for his students.

Game Chips:

  • 1The game is divided into 2 parts: a) Survival skills training guided by the world’s top instructors; b) Expedition to different countries with the implementation of surviving tasks;
  • 2The game switches kids from virtual reality to real life;
  • 3School graduates will be awarded with diplomas as a sign of courage at the end of the game;

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