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FBI Investigation

FBI Investigation

  • Total duration – 90-120 minutes;
  • The number of participants may range from 10 to 100;
  • The game is designed for children between 8 and 16 years. The difficulty level of the tasks may be adapted to any age;
  • Lots of different characters involved. Such as FBI agents, the prisoner, chief of the FBI Academy, Criminalist, Special Forces.


Someone robbed the vault of antiques. This vault stored the rarest pieces of art. We only know that the criminals had entered the vault through an underground tunnel, and that the only thing is missing now is the rare statuette. In addition, the most interesting thing is that the security system and surveillance cameras were not damaged at all.

The FBI agency was able to identify the criminals who committed such a daring robbery. Unfortunately, all the attempts to catch the robbers have miserably failed. Special services agents took the right trace every time they pursuit the robbers, but every time it was too late at the end of it all. It began to look like an impossible mission to catch the robbers by surprise. This is why the FBI agency had to organize the secret mission called “Digital Antiquarian” and to gather the most honest, courageous and brave young agents.

Game Chips:

  • 1Young cadets will be divided into 4 squads. Each squad will pass its own type of special training. Such as criminalist, Special Forces, technician, and detective;
  • 2The cadets will get FBI agent badges with the photo on it and the uniform depending on their specialization. Such as special agent vest, technical vest, forensic coat, etc.
  • 3The head of the FBI agents will solemnly thank and present the real FBI badge to each agent at the end of the game.

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