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  • The game’s plot is based on the collective image of the future and the role of humans in it. It reveals the topical issues of humanity and the planet Earth itself.
  • The power is distributed among the three clans in the future: scientists, capitalists and anti-globalists. Young participants will get access to a classified website before the start of the event. The children will choose the clan, which they prefer, and get acquainted with the mission using the website features.
  • Clan leaders will split the children into teams and take them to their locations upon arrival and registration. The young guests will be briefed at their clans’ home bases. Clan leaders will tell them about the upcoming election of the Power of the Future Corporation’s new head.


A summit starts at the capitalists’ zone. Vocal and dancing performance takes place on the stage and creates a good vibe at the event. Scientists leader shows up to present the latest research data. Suddenly, anti-globalists break in with the rally to interrupt the presentation. However, scientists still present their newest discovery, Artificial Intelligence even despite anti-globalists’ protests. It forces representatives of each clan to begin to agitate everyone to join them. Clan members are also joining the agitation.

A heated debate over the right to possess the Artificial Intelligence begins at the summit. As a result, «machine» says that it is tired of people not being able to agree, making chaos everywhere and that it will destroy all humankind’s vital systems in 90 minutes. The reverse timer appears on the screen. The game is on…

. Game mechanics and main recommendations:

– The immersive game is designed for teens over 14 years. It is possible to play with parents;

– This is a large-scale action that can involve up to 220 people to play simultaneously. Players will be divided into teams of 5 to 8 persons for the comfort completion of the tasks;

– The first stage of the game consists of 8 tasks of 10 minutes each. The purpose of the tasks is to find access to the virus that will help to subdue the «machine»;

– The participants will get access to a coded virus at the second stage of the game. Players will need to figure out how to launch it to stop Artificial Intelligence. The first clan to complete the task wins.

– There is a spacious bar area with a stage, sound and light equipment for the party after the game at the location.

Фишки игры:

  • 1The game is set at our stylized location, with an area of 1,800 sq. m. and tons of thematic scenery.
  • 2Players will get tasks, coordinates for the next point, and enter the answers using the application that we developed specifically for the game.
  • 3The action involves dozens of actors. It takes place in themed rooms and zones characterized by diverse worlds that are hidden in the server of Artificial Intelligence.

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