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Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

  • Dr. Watson divides players into different detective agencies. Each team will receive an envelope with a letter and evidence of the robbery;
  • There are five suspects in the case. Detectives will learn new facts from them. It is necessary to decrypt, compare, take fingerprints, catch suspects on lies and find a thread that will unleash a ball of crime;
  • Total duration – 90-120 minutes;
  • The number of participants may range from 10 to 50;
  • The game will be interesting for children from 11 to 16 years. It is also possible to adapt the script for kids of younger age.


The new case of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson is the mystery of the stolen family jewels. The main difficulty of the case that it is not just about searching for a thief, but also keeping the royal family’s dark secrets.

This is the game where young players will become great detectives. They will have to show all their skills in order to protect the honor and reputation of Her Majesty's family. Reconstruction of the crime scene, clues, riddles, methods of deduction and full investigation experience. Will our detectives find the criminal? Will the guilty be punished?

Game Chips:

  • 1There are six main characters involved in the game: Dr. Watson, Her Majesty's Agent, Housemaid, Sailor, Police Officer, and Secretary;
  • 2Two different ways to implement the story of Sherlock Holmes: a) Victorian era; b) Basing on the modern movie adaptation.
  • 3Scotland Yard rewards each detective with a certificate of appreciation once the outcome of the case finally gets clear.

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