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Superhero School, the Birth of a New Era

Superhero School, the Birth of a New Era

  • The game can be arranged at almost any kind of location. It can be both the territory of a country club and a closed room. The only requirement is to have enough space to place about 10 actors.
  • You are able to choose your favorite superheroes. Such as Spiderman, Aquaman, Goddess Hela, Superman, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Flash, and others;
  • The game is adaptive. The difficulty of the tasks depends on the age of the players;
  • The number of characters depends on the number of players and location;
  • Total duration – 60-120 minutes (depends on the age and number of the participants);
  • Theatrical performance with a nitrogen explosion and a massive dance flash mob in the end.


It does not matter who you were before. It is only important to complete a heroic mission, which you can only get by arriving at the appointed place and time, thereby proving your loyalty to the League of Shadows.

The world’s best superheroes will tell young participants a legend of infinity stones at the secret gathering. Students will have to visit different superhero masterclasses, where they can strengthen their skills or acquire new ones.

Suddenly, Doctor Strange appears:

“I am here for only one, the most important reason.  I want to ask all the superheroes to cast off enmity today. Today we are all in the same corner. In the corner of our world!  We will find and destroy all the infinity stones!  It is time to show your strength and use all your superpowers to serve for the good of our world.”

The participants will have just 60 minutes to complete all the tasks and to lay the foundation of a new Era. The Era of light and goodness!

The game is divided into 3 stages

  • 1Training and disclosure of superpowers – players passing several masterclasses with experienced superheroes and gaining new skills;
  • 2The game – teams go through 10 different tasks to find the infinity stones. Each team must find its own stone;
  • 3Final – teams connecting the stones they found, thereby saving our world and initiating the beginning of a new Era.

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