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The MovieQuest

The MovieQuest

  • All the players will be divided into film crews of 4-6 men each.
  • Each group will get access to the game engine with its unique password. The team will have the task of finding a specific character. All the route locations will be classified;
  • The characters will teach the team how to film the movie. They will help participants to make production and performances. Each character is a professional actor, director, screenwriter, etc.
  • Each team moves along its own route. There are no interfering with the other teams;
  • It is possible to assign an operator to each team or to rent a GoPro camera.


This is an immersive game in the world of cinema. The first stage of the action is the creation of your own film crew. Players of each team will be up to distribute roles among themselves. There are such roles as a screenwriter, director, cameraman, sound engineer, actors and others. The film crew will need to create their own movie using the professional help of our team at every step of film development. Participants will get instructions for the movie’s style, genre, era and the main point of it.

The team will get professional help and advices at the following stages: screenwriter, director, cameraman, acting crew, costume designer, make-up artist, props, choreographer, stunt performer and montage. It is possible to watch the edited movies in a couple of hours after its creation. The Oscar-style party with a red carpet and a solemn award ceremony may be arranged as the after-party. As an option, there is also a more private way to enjoy the results of the team’s work. Such as sneak preview of the film for the closest friends, popcorn and fun.

Game chips

  • 1An opportunity to create a masterpiece of the film industry with your smartphone;
  • 2Creativity freedom for each player;
  • 3The game may be arranged at any type of location. For example, it may be both an outdoor location (if the weather is fine) and a private photo studio, etc.

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