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Wild West

Wild West

  • Each team will go through 8-10 tasks at different locations;
  • Total duration – 60-120 minutes (depends on the age and number of the participants);
  • The number of participants may range from 10 to 100;
  • The game is designed for children between 6 and 16 years. The difficulty level of the tasks may be adapted to any age.
  • The team will fall into the photo zone and receive a bag of gold from the governor as a reward in the end.


A truce has been established between the cowboys and the Red Indians after a long and exhausting war. The governor has finally agreed with the Red Indian chieftain. Therefore, the city declared a holiday on this very special occasion. The cowboys are having fun and shooting in the air while the Indians dancing ritual dances led by their shaman.

An accident happens during the fun. The chieftain of the Red Sun tribe was wounded in the shoulder. Furthermore, someone stole his bag of gold. The truce is in danger now. The sheriff urgently asks residents and volunteers for help in catching the criminal. It seems to be the only way to save the truce.

Game Chips:

  • 1The game consists of two stages: a) The fun warm-up game that is filled with interactive masterclasses by the heroes of the city. Such as Red Indian chieftain, Cowboy, Shaman, Red Indian. b) The quest of searching for the criminal.
  • 2Each player will get special accessories and make-up to feel the US 60’s Wild West atmosphere.
  • 3Each participant will be able to choose the camp to join – colorful Red Indians or brave cowboys.

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